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Our lives are intricately intertwined with our feelings. As you pass through life you will see many people who are strong both physically and emotionally. You will also see people who are weak. These people could be weak in their emotional outlook and in some cases they will be the victims of psychological abuse.



If you’re not the victim, it’s very easy to ask how anyone can let themselves be abused. The answers to this are difficult for us to understand even if you are trained to deal with these social problems. You could say that for many of these people the person who inflicts that misery of psychological abuse would be a family member. This implies that the sufferer has no control over their lives and they are dominated.


In psychological abuse this case scenario is absolutely true. The person who experiences psychological abuse will be unable to defend themselves. For this situation to occur the abuse has to start when the sufferer is in a weakened condition. For example the victim could be a young child and the abuser an adult who is looking after the child.



Another example of psychological abuse would be that of an elderly person. While this individual is in the prime of their life they are not dependent on anyone, therefore the psychological abuse will not have begun. As this individual grows older and frail the once friendly individual can become a tormentor. It is likely that this individual was at one point in their lives the victim of psychological abuse too.


Regardless of the root causes the psychological abuse is mentally and emotional deteriorating to the health of the sufferer. To make sure that this crime does not continue indefinitely it should be reported to the authorities and they should be informed of the condition of the victim. This will enable them to decide what sort of action should be taken with regard to both victim and tormentor.


Having stopped the psychological abuse does not mean that the person will be able to continue with their course of life as though nothing has happened. For the victim to recover completely from the effects of psychological abuse their needs should be followed up with therapy and counseling. For the elderly this also means looking for a suitable home for them to stay as they may not have the ability to recover from this psychological abuse as quickly as the young.

Regardless of whether the victim is young or old, male or female, psychological abuse is the act of tearing the victim’s self worth apart and making them feel totally worthless. This is how the tormentors are able to carry out their campaign of terror in absolute silence. This is why we sometimes never hear the silent tears for help.


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