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Alton Towers Theme Park


Every one in the world turns into a happy child the moment that they enter a theme park. These theme parks can be found in just about every corner of the world. While they are all different each of these theme parks shares the same qualities that Alton Towers theme park in England has. That quality stand for family fun.


You will find Alton Towers theme park in Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire, England. Alton Towers is considered to be England’s number one theme park and there are rides and endless excitement for the whole family. The original park was designed by Augustus Welby Pugin during the Victorian period.


The Alton Towers officially became a theme park in 1980. The very first ride that was designed for Alton Towers theme park was the Corkscrew ride. Today there are many different rides that are constantly being added to the park along side some of the favorites of the theme park. You can go on extreme rides like the Nemesis ride or the new ride that is called Oblivion.


These are both extreme roller coaster rides that are found within different areas of Alton Towers Theme park. In the ride Nemesis visitors to the park ride in coaster cars with their legs hanging over the edges. You will find the Nemesis in the Forbidden Valley.


The Oblivion which is one of the park’s new rides is found in the X-sector. Here you can ride in a roller coaster where you suddenly drop down a steep 90 degree incline into a black hole that is gaping up at you. The Oblivion is the world’s first vertical drop coaster in the world.


Besides these rides there are other attractions like the white knuckle ride or a visit to Ug Land, which just happens to a virtual reality cave game that is set in prehistoric times. You can reach Ug Land by the Skyride cable car system which will also take you to the Forbidden Valley.


Of course there are rides for all ages and tastes in Alton Towers theme park. You can find scary haunted mansion rides, roller coasters, water log rides and many areas of the theme park have rides for children. There are also many places where you can rest and eat some delicious food from any of the eateries that are located in the park.


In addition to these you will find that Alton Towers Theme park also has a reputation for being haunted. One of the rides in the theme park is based around the legend of the Towers. So unlike many of the other theme parks in the world you just might find yourself coming back to Alton Towers theme park over and over. All to experience the thrills of riding in one of the world’s haunted theme parks.




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