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We all love parties and the attendant fun and games that seems to be apart of this event. Now one such event that many people like to go to is baby showers. At this party you can have lots of interesting baby shower games. These various baby shower games can include lots of great items that the expectant mother can use when the baby is born.

Now I am sure that you have probably seen lots of baby shower games that you can use as ideas for the baby shower that you are hosting. For instance you can have some games to break the ice as lots of people who may not have met each other before get together.

Baby Gifts

Then you can have baby shower games that feature scavenger hunts. Instead of scavenger hunts that have to do with chocolates or other clues you can have your scavenger hunt looking for items that the new mother will need.


Other than these baby shower games you can have games where both the mother and the father get to have fun. One such baby shower game that you guests might have fun with is where the couples (this is a baby shower where both the husband and wife are invited) get to make a baby. For this type of baby shower game you will need to supply lots of Play-Doh for the fun loving couples to make their baby.



As with all of these baby shower games you should make sure that everyone has fun and they do get a fun prize for winning the game. The prizes that you will need to give out should reflect the nature of the baby shower games. The main thing that you should make sure of is that you don’t include any religious type of party prizes as you might accidentally offend your guests.


Besides these games you can have baby shower games where the guests get to see what the various baby food tastes like while their eyes are closed. To ensure that everyone gets a have a chance you can blind fold the person and then ask them to select a baby food bottle, eat a little bit of the food and try and guess what it tastes like.

All of these baby shower games are fun to have at baby showers and providing that you make sure that everyone has a chance to be in the lime light there should not be much of a problem with your party. There is now only one thing left for you to do and that is to have fun and join in a few of the baby shower games.

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