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There is a wonderful story in Holy Writ about a man named Gideon, a simple, everyday, common man. And yes, even a 'fearful' man, as he was, "secretly, so the Midianites would not see him, threshing wheat in a wine press. Think of that: yes, doing a necessary job, but in the wrong place: hiding!

However, Gideon, like  all of us, will never succeed in running and hiding from GOD! "The Lord's angel appeared to him there and said, 'The Lord is with you, brave and mighty man! Then the Lord ordered him, "Go with all your great strength and rescue Israel from the Iidianites. I myself am sending you. (Judges 6: 12, 14)

Gideon could not believe that God actually was calling him to deliver Israel. As he looked at his life, he seemed completely unqualified for this assignment. He didn't feel that he had the right training, resources or experience.

God wanted Gideon, just as He wants all of us to realize that He just wanted a person who had faith, trust, and would obey Him. God would, and will, do the rest.

Gideon chose to OBEY. Being led each step of the way by the Lord, Gideon and his people realized VICTORY.

God wants all of us to realize that He's the same God, the one who created Gideon as well as the one who created each one of us. No one knows the gifts, talents and capabilities within each of us better than the one who created us: Almighty God!

Although Gideon may have been what he, and others, felt to be the least in his family and the youngest in his father's house, yet God knew the gifts, talents and capabilities that He had instilled within Gideon. However, after first hearing what God was saying, then came Gideon's own personal will and decision to OBEY what God was instructing him to do.

The same great and mighty things that were done in Gideon's life as a result of him hearing and then obeying God will be done in each of our lives too. God can and will enable us to do the things He has sent us to earth to do. We can lead VICTORIOUS lives.

You say we were sent us to earth for a specific purpose? Indeed so! Holy Writ clearly tell us that 'Even before the world was made, God had already chosen us to be his through our union with Christ. . " Ephesians 1:4) . . . (and that) " he loved us before the world was made" {John 17:24) We were Spirit beings then and we continue to be Spirit beings today, living on earth, we, as spirit beings live in a body. We were sent to this earth to fulfill our Creator's purpose and plan for our lives while here on earth. He sent us here for a specific purpose, on our own personal Life Journey. It is simply up to us to discover our purpose. And, the only way we can discover the intentions laying in the heart of our Creator is to get to know our Creator on a personal basis. He will tell us and guide us. However, we must first hear Him then make the conscientious choice and decision to obey Him, trusting Him each step of the way.

Do you feel that your life is so messed or that you have lived too long without knowing that you were sent to earth for a specific purpose. . . and now it's just too late? First of all, remember this: if you can honestly take a good look at your life, and can come to the honest conclusion that you are the one that is responsible for your messed up life . . . and can indeed say, "In it all, I knew better!" Know that our Creator is a FORGIVING Father as well as a REDEMPTIVE God. It's not too late: make that personal decision to OBEY . . . TODAY.

However, if you are one that might be hearing these truths for the first time up and thinking, 'My life is half over. It's too late for me.' No, it's not too late. Know that God does not hold us accountable for things that we DO NOT KNOW. Only when we come to the knowledge of 'knowing' does 'accountability' begin. Begin your new Life Journey TODAY.

I have a personal saying that I have, for years, applied to my own life: "I do what I can do and let God do what I cannot do. It WORKS! What FREEDOM! ~ CiCi





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