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Wood is one of nature’s more beautiful items. This product has been used for many years in a variety of ways. Cedar wood is considered by many to be a superior material for many items that need wood coverings, solid wood construction and it is also used in home siding. There are many houses that can be seen with Cedar siding. This testifies to the popularity that Cedar siding has with various people.



Like many siding products there are advantages and disadvantages to be found with Cedar siding. The main worry that homeowners have with Cedar siding is that of heat loss. In the Cedar siding the homes will lose heat as a result of the material that is used. Since this is wood you can expect to see condensation from water causing the Cedar in some cases to warp.


Besides having the wood siding warp there is also the fact that Cedar siding can shrink due to the water evaporating quickly. While these are problems that face owners of Cedar siding, this type of siding is still very much in use. To give your home a beautiful look the Cedar siding can be found in a variety of styles.



Some of these styles can make your home look rustic in appearance without detracting from the overall beauty. Channel cladding which is a type of lap cladding is used in Cedar siding to give the house the rustic look that is currently popular.


You can also use Bevel siding that uses Western Red Cedar. This is the most widely used type of Cedar for Cedar siding. Cedar siding also uses a technique that is called Board and Batten. In this technique narrow and wide boards of Cedar are used to give an interesting effect to your house.


The Board and Batten technique in Cedar siding employs a vertical effect for the greatest possible look that will make a house look really nice. These different ways of applying the Cedar siding on your homes can enhance the look of the siding and it can add to the performance value of your home.


Besides using real Cedar wood siding you can buy Cedar siding that has been made from vinyl. The vinyl Cedar siding that is manufactured by various siding companies looks like authentic Cedar wood, which has been made into sidings. Unlike the Cedar siding there is no need to paint the vinyl Cedar siding.


The other advantage that Cedar siding that is made from vinyl has over actual cedar is that the siding will not peel, crack or even warp due to the vagaries of the weather. With these various ideas about Cedar siding you have only to select which process you want to buy and install on your home. Whether you have real Cedar or vinyl Cedar siding you will end up with a home that has the rich feel of Cedar wood.





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