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When you were in school you probably noticed that there were a number of your female classmates who wore cheerleading clothes most of the school year. 

The colors on these clothes were always bright and cheerful looking. You could also see the most important item on their cheerleading clothes.  This was the school’s team.

Now the most important event in schools is that of football.  So many of the cheerleading teams are formed to encourage these young men into giving their very best at football games – both at the school field and when they visit other schools.  So to stand out from the various people on the field cheerleaders can be seen wearing cheerleading uniforms.



These cheerleading clothes are designed to withstand lots of wear and tear.  For instance the young women would be doing cheer movements like a pyramid structure. At other times they will do handstands and cartwheels.  As you see these are movements that involve using the whole body.  Therefore their cheerleading clothes need to be supple and lightweight.

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There are many different types of cheerleading clothes that are worn by cheerleaders.  These outfits can be a short pleated skirt, cheerleading briefs and close fitting top, a body hugging short sleeveless dress, bright colored top and shorts.  The main feature of these cheerleading clothes is that they are short so that the legs have ample room to perform all of the cheer movements without being restricted.



The other fact that is apparent in these cheerleading clothes is that the school’s team and emblem are brightly emblazoned on the front of the cheerleading clothes. Generally the other accessories that are part of cheerleading clothes are pom poms, hair accessories and sneakers that won’t clash with their schools colors. As you can see part of the attraction that cheerleading holds for young women is these clothes.

There are many places where you can get cheerleading clothes but you must check with your schools cheer instructor if the cheer uniform will be purchased by the school or if you should about buying the outfit. One of the main concerns in cheerleading clothes is that the uniforms should not only fit comfortably but they must not look like another team or school’s cheer costume.



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