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There are many different types of flowers that we love to have in our homes. These floral arrangements provide a splash of vibrant coloring to our home décor. For winter there are certain flowers that will add a splash of color as they only bloom during the month of December or the Christmas month. These flowers are called Christmas flowers because this is the time of year that they are in full bloom and they are firm favorites with many people.




As Christmas draws near you can find flower stores and even supermarkets filled with festive pots of these Christmas flowers. The Christmas flowers seem to reflect the festive nature of the winter season with their bright red flowers.


For lots of people the most well known Christmas flower is that of the Poinsettia. Besides this flower you can buy other varieties of Christmas flowers like the Orchid Cactus or the Christmas cactus, Ivy flowers, mistletoe flower, white roses or the winter rose and the pohutukawa tree of New Zealand.


These many different Christmas flowers are great to decorate your home with as some of them have long associations with winter or Christmas itself. For instance the poinsettia of Mexico is thought to have originated when a young Mexican boy who wanted to give a present to the Christ child cried when he found that he didn’t have anything to give the savior or the human race.


In the poinsettia the bright red flowers are actually modified leaves or bracts. Today you will be able to buy different types and shades of poinsettias to decorate your homes in but the red one will be known as one of the christmas flowers.


The Christmas rose is also considered as being a true Christmas flower. This flower is known to bloom only during the month of December. You will be able to find this Christmas flower is also called the Snow Rose, the Winter Rose and the Serissa rose.



The mistletoe flower has been used since ancient times as the Druid priests of Europe used this flower for their ceremonies and festivities. Since the mistletoe flower is still in bloom during the cold of winter this is also one of the Christmas flowers.


One of the other Christmas flowers that you can buy and hang in your home or give as a present is that of the Christmas cactus. This unusual cactus flower blooms on Christmas eve itself.

So the next time that you are looking at these Christmas flowers to brighten your home you may want to see how you can mix these Christmas flowers so that they will brighten your home and remind you that life is never ending as these flowers only bloom at this time of year.






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