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There is a ring that is very popular due to its distinctive design. This Irish ring is known as a Claddagh ring. While the actual origins of the ring are shrouded in legend and folktales, the ring itself can be seen in a variety of types. Today the Claddagh ring can be worn as a normal ring on the right hand or as a wedding ring worn on the left hand.



The Claddagh ring is very distinctive because of the design of the ring itself. Unlike other rings that have a gemstone embedded as the main design, the Claddagh ring shows two hands which are holding a heart. On the top of the heart there is a crown. It is said that this type of ring was known as a finger or Fede (faith rings). The ring symbolizes the feeling of trust and faith. It also has an unusual story attached to it.


According to the story you can tell the state of the wearer’s feelings or their marital state by the hand that is wearing the ring. For instance if the ring is worn on the right hand with the crown turned inwards the person who is wearing the Claddagh ring has not fallen in love. A Claddagh ring that is still worn on the right hand but with the crown facing outward shows a heart that might be claimed by a true love.



The Claddagh ring can also be worn as a wedding ring. Here the legend will show itself as well. This is due to the reasoning behind the wedding ring finger. When the Claddagh ring is worn on the left hand and the crown is turned outwards it shows a heart that is claimed by true love. For this reason the wearing of a Claddagh ring symbolizes more than any other ring true love, trust and faithfulness.


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This type of faith ring makes the idea of wearing a Claddagh ring very special. The next time that you are thinking of buying any type of Celtic jewelry you should see the many beautiful Claddagh ring designs and see if you would like to wear one of them. You will be able to buy a Claddagh ring from jewelers who deal in Celtic jewelry designs and from the internet. From the internet you will be able to find web sites that sell Celtic and Claddagh rings.


The Claddagh ring is considered to be one of the more beautiful parts of the Irish lifestyle and traditions. So the next time that you see this ring you should remember the story that lies behind the ring. To show your feeling of true love the Claddagh ring is the ideal ring to be seen wearing.





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