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(Complacency Will "NOT" Work!)

So! You've sown your financial seeds. Now it's time to just 'sit back and wait' for your harvest! WRONG!

This kind of attitude is referred to as "complacency." The farmer doesn't do that with the seeds that he sows; and financial seeds are no different.


Back in Isaiah's days many people were complacent. They expected their needs would be met as always without them needing to do anything different. But things changed for them. Instead of plentiful fruit their land had become filled with thorns. They were facing consequences! "You women who live an easy life, free from worries, listen to what I am saying. You may be satisfied now, but this time next year you will be in despair because there will be no grapes for you to gather. You have been living an easy life, free from worries; but now, tremble with fear! Strip off your clothes and tie rags around your waist. Beat your breasts in grief because the fertile fields and the vineyards have been destroyed, and thorn bushes and briers are growing on my people's land. (Isaiah 32: 9-11) Today's English Version

Familes were no longer joyful. Populated cities were deserted. Palaces were abandoned. "Weep for all the houses where people were happy and for the city that was full of life. Even the palace will be abandoned and the capital city totally deserted. Homes and the forts that guarded them will be in ruins forever." (Verses 13, 14)


God had told the people to seek His face and hear His voice. However, the people had become complacent. He told them their troubles would continue until they decided to obey Him. If they 'did' obey Him, the people would reap the consequences of "those" actions, "The wasteland will become fertile, and fields will produce rich crops. Everywhere in the land righteousness and justice will be done. Because everyone will do what is right, there will be peace and security forever. God's people will be free from worries, and their homes peaceful and safe."

As it was in Isaiah's days so it is today, times and circumstances change. Change is a certainty in all of our lives. Many people are complacent; their focus in life is misdirected, being involved in personal pleasures, personal comforts and only concerned with their personal lives. Material blessings, such as food, clothing, safety, security and their jobs are taken for granted.

Many people do not give a second thought to the ultimate consequences of their actions. Whether one's actions are positive or negative, consequences of our actions are as sure as the sun rises and sets!

And, if you don't believe it: Keep Living! ~ CiCi





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