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The world that we live in today is a very violent and sometimes dangerous place. Many of the crimes that take place and the actions of the police and other investigative forces are displayed on television programs. These programs will reveal just a small portion of what actually occurs. To help police in real life figure out what a criminal will do, criminal psychology comes into play.



Here a psychologist who has the training and knowledge with understanding the criminal mind will help to detail the various facts that drive a criminal to commit their crimes. The profile that is drawn from criminal psychology will let the police figure out the next move or even the next target of criminals. This investigative method is of great help otherwise the police will be lagging behind a crime spree that they have no way of stopping.


The knowledge and understanding that a psychologist has learned about human behavior will let them “see” what a criminal is capable of doing and what they will be trying to accomplish. The profile that a criminal psychologist draws is the blueprint that various police forces use to determine where they should station themselves in order to catch the criminal.


Without knowing just how violent a criminal can get the number of people who can get hurt rises. Therefore the help that criminal psychology provides is very valuable. This type of help allows the police to gain ideas of how they can get this person in custody safely without having to break any of the rights of the person.


Once the person has been taken into custody the criminal psychologist will have to write their report of the person’s criminal profile. This is necessary for the investigative report and to justify the methods that were taken. After the criminal has been questioned and charged with their crimes, the criminal psychology that was used is looked at. This is the time to see if there were any holes or misunderstood motives or objectives.


Looking at how the criminal psychology was used at the time of a crime can help both the criminal psychologist and the police see what they need to improve on for the next time such an occurrence happens. Since crimes of a violent nature are always occurring and the need for solid criminal psychology is also needed.

This means that the next crime that is committed, a criminal psychologist will be able to help catch the criminal. So the next time that you watch TV and see how profilers work in those programs you will be able to appreciate all the hard work that goes into criminal psychology.


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