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Cure for Aids

"I will do things you never thought I would do. I will bring a cure for AIDS/HIV. God says there shall be a cure. I will raise them up..." ( March 5, 2005) Click Here

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The Sunday Times Reports- Doctors Baffled As Man with Aids Cures Himself- Nov 13, 2005 - Click Here for Full Article (Stimpson, 25, may have shaken off the virus with his own immune system after contracting HIV in 2002.)

THE GUARDIAN of London Reports- "Whatever happened to ... the HIV cure?"
Iain Hollingshead - Saturday June 3, 2006- Stimpson engaged the services of publicity agent Jonathan Hartley, who operates on a "no fame, no fee" promise, securing two in-depth interviews with Sunday newspapers. "One day I was staring death in the face and now I'm waving it goodbye," said Stimpson last November. "I can't help wondering if I hold the cure for Aids." Click Here for full story


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