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When you decide to learn about the different aspects of dancing there are some places that will introduce you to all that is dancing. At these places you will receive a through grounding in dancing, both the theoretical and the practical aspects of dancing.

You can only find this type of instruction in dance schools.


As dance schools teach various parts of dancing you might ask how these institutes will be able to assist you in your dancing.  Since dance schools have small groups of people in each of their classes, the teacher is able to show the various movements of a dance to you. This way you slowly build the correct steps and sequences for that dance.  Once you have mastered the steps your teacher gives, you are then taught how to use these movements with different types of music.



Once your music ear has become well developed you will be able to hear the underlying beat and the rhythm of the music.  Dance schools give these types of lessons as the basis of their dancing lessons.  You must be able to learn the different style of dancing that is taught.  There may be occasions when you will need this knowledge and practical experience in dancing.


As your skill increases you will be allowed to join the other students in giving performances to audiences.  At first these dance recitals will be given in front of your families but as time passes you will be showing your skills and ability to other people.  Now this taste of performing will help you to decide if you have what it takes to be a dancer.


There are different areas of dance that you can study and specialize in while you are at dance schools if you do intend to take dancing as a career.  You will need to work very hard as there is a lot of very talented dancers in the world.  One of the better ways to be sure of getting noticed in dance schools for dance events is to have a wide repertoire of dance styles mastered.  You should be able effortlessly flow from one dance style into another when you are asked to do so.


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You should also be able to take the constant pressure that being in a performance brings.  There are many factors that lead to a novice dancer from dance schools to being selected as a future dancer in one of the many dance companies in the world.  The art of dancing beautifully is just one small part.  You must also be prepared to live your entire life in the world of dancing.   

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