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Interior Design Careers

 For the intrepid interior designer there are many interior design careers that you can choose from. You don't necessarily need to go into any specific path just because you like interior designing but if you want to pursue a future in interior design then you will have to decide what you would ideally like to do.


For instance you can choose from things like home interior design careers to office interior design careers. Or you can stay as a general interior designer or you also have the option to specialize in one particular branch of interior designing, like southwestern interior decorating or modern interior decorating.


You could specialize in doing only kitchens or maybe only in children's interior designing. As you can see the field is a vast one and you need only to choose which path you want to wander down. Everything else that comes afterwards will only be able to aid you in going further in your chosen field of interior design careers.

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If you choose to specialize in a particular branch of interior design though there are a few pitfalls you might want to be aware of. With the main one being that when you limit your scope for advancement, you're also limiting the number of clients who will come to you. Not every one wants a western themed house or would love having a cactus garden sticking up in the middle of their yard.


However there's also the upside to specializing in one particular branch, and that's the fact that you will also be able to make a name for yourself and become one of the top few with your particular experience. As with everything in life this comes with a price and this one isn't that cheap either. You'll have to work almost twice as hard as the normal interior designer and you might get far more dry spells where you go without getting any work in your field.


Specializing in the broader spectrum of interior design careers like home interior design or office interior design will generate more clients for you and will also get you more work in the long run. You'll also be able to get more experience under your belt in the various different fields of interior designing without having to necessarily specialize in them. Whatever you decide though know that there are many interior design careers available for you to choose from.




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