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For every new mother the time of the birth of her child is both wonderful and somewhat frustrating. This is because she has to get used to an entirely new way of living.

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Now this is also the time that the presents that she received from her baby shower comes in handy and among these presents is that of a diaper cake or two. While this is very handy for the new mother how can some one who has never even heard of a diaper cake make one? Well you can give diaper cake instructions if you know what the person is making in advance.



These diaper cake instructions don’t have to be very complicated. All that you need to do is to show the person how to make the diaper cake. The diaper cake instructions should be given as you are showing the various steps otherwise there could be some very bad mistakes. You can if you like turn making diaper cakes into one of the many games that are played at baby showers.


For this what you will need to do is to have lots of diapers and the various items that are needed for the diaper cake on hand.

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This means lots of new diapers, baby clean wipes, fresh smelling baby powder with a powder puff, and moisturing lotion for the baby’s soft skin. You will also need to make sure that you have lots of safety diaper pins ready for this baby shower game.


Next step is to have all of your friends sit somewhere in the room and with one hand follow their diaper cake instructions as they race against the clock to produce a very unusual looking diaper cake that your friend can happily use. As the person who is giving these diaper cake instructions – especially to those people who have never made much less heard of a diaper cake, you will have to be sure that your voice is very clear and the diaper cake instructions can be heard in the entire room.


As you see diaper cake instructions don’t just have to be confined into showing someone how to make a diaper cake as a baby shower gift. You can make diaper cake instructions into a very fun baby shower game where every one will enjoy trying to make and give the new mother to be their version of a diaper cake.

Just remember that these diaper cakes will be taken home by the new mother and used once her little baby is born. So you will need to make sure that your diaper cake instructions cover all of the things that she will need when the baby is born.


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