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Earthquake In The Middle-East

"I told you that the Middle East and many nations have looked pompously upon America with Osama Bin Laden laughing in his cave... But now the ground shall shake in the Middle East. In the east it shall shake terribly as never before where bodies shall come forth from the ground and God said take this as a sign. This is the final thing..." (September 17, 2005)

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Note: Because of some confusion regarding the term "Middle East" many people did not realize that this earthquake was actually a fulfillment of the prophetic word given by Kim just 21 days previously. Many e-mails came asking if this could be the one.  Yes, Kim had been saying this was the one.  So, in our desire to compile the facts to accompany the prophetic word, after a little research, we found The Middle East is also called Southwestern Asia.  It is the region comprising the lands that extend from the eastern Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf. Here for More Info about the Middl


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