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Famous Interior Designers


Despite what you may think famous interior designers are not thin on the ground, and there are a great many of them gracing the halls of fame today. They might not be as well known or as prolific as some artists and fashion designers are, but they do exist nevertheless. The reason for this almost unheard of fame though I believe, can be solely attributed to the fact that interior designing didn't really take off until the latter half of the twentieth century.


In fact until the twentieth century there weren't necessarily any famous interior designers per se. Yes, there were famous interior designers for different era's but fame as we understand it didn't come until very recently when there was a spate of interest in all things DIY. And since interior decorating and some of its off shoots can be considered DIY that's when the general public aware of interior decorating. And it wasn't until a few years after that that different interior designers started to make a name for themselves amongst the general public.


For the most part these famous interior designers gained their fame through the usual means of achieving fame, through the TV. They appeared in numerous TV home improvement programs, and they held numerous, televised DIY programs and basically got their face well recognizable to the public. And that's how famous interior designers of the last decade of the twentieth century achieved more than a modest fame.


There are of course more famous interior designers than the ones you see on TV. Others who might be camera shy might be just as good as or even better at what they do than the more media savvy interior decorators.


Then there are the famous interior designers who have been around for what seems like forever and who have made a household name for themselves through their unrelenting efforts. These interior decorators are much lauded in their world and are the pundits from whom the new generation of interior decorators learn their craft.


So as you look for the names of famous interior designers you need to realize that you won’t be able to find all of them just because you look through interior magazines. Sometimes these famous interior designers like to keep their fame under control.

Famous interior designers aren't legion but there are a goodly number of them, and they all have talent and they all have one thing in common. They have a good eye for design and they can design a room to make the very best out of all its features. Okay, so that was two things they all have in common!




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