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Parties are wonderful events to go to and parties where you can get presents are even better. Nowadays we can get different types of presents and party favors to give to our guests but there are times when we may feel that a homemade party favor might be even better. As presents and party favors extend themselves into baby showers as well you might want to think about giving some beautifully made homemade baby shower favors to the people who come to the baby shower.



Now the main the thing you need to remember is that party favors are not very large, therefore you should think about making something that is easy to carry and that looks elegant. The first step in making these homemade baby shower favors is to find the right types of favors to give. You can get many great ideas for baby shower favors from your friends, the internet, books and magazines.


From all of these sources you should look for the baby shower favors that appeal to you and ones that don’t seem like they will be vary hard to make or very expensive to make. The reason for this is that with a lot of favors to make buying expensive items just to make one small favor can put you off the entire idea of homemade baby shower favors.


Once you have decided what the baby shower favor will be your next step is to get all of the materials that you will need. You might want to see if you can make one of these homemade baby shower favors first. This way you can see how the baby shower favor has turned out and what you will need to do in order to have elegant looking homemade baby shower favors.

 Baby Gifts

Now if you are into handicrafts you have a ready supply of items that you can make into beautiful homemade baby shower favors. For the people who love to knit and crochet you can make elegant looking lacey fans or table runners. You can even create little baby carriages that you can stuff with soft toys.


For the person who loves to make perfume you can make individual perfumes which will go into little bottles. These perfume creations of your should be ones that you have made and not brought. Now when you have finished choosing the type of homemade baby shower favors that you want to give you will need to get them ready to give to your guests.

The best way to present these beautiful homemade baby shower favors is to have them wrapped in a soft velvet type of cloth with a gold tassel. This wrapping will also make a pleasing gift for your guest. In fact you may even be asked to host more baby showers just so that your friends can have lots more gorgeous homemade baby shower favors from you.


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