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 There are many of us who drink wine with our food. This wine and food pairing is usually done because we happen to like the taste that we get from the food after a glass of wine. Unfortunately many of us have no idea about the way that different wines can compliment food. To help us with this situation there are many wine guides that can point us in the right direction as far as the different types of food wine that you can choose go.

The main fact that you should remember is that many of these guides are based on the accepted norms and you may have some difficulty with the correct parings. The best way to resolve this is to first gain an idea behind the various food wine selections that can be made. Once you understand the concept you will be able to find out which wines bring out the true flavor of your food and which ones seem to make the food seem rather bland.


When you can identify these wines you can then go on to expanding your selection of food wine choices. Until that time you should make your selections based somewhat loosely on what the various wind and food guides have informed you of. For instance in the past we were told that a good white wine went excellently with fish dishes and red wines were the ideal selection for all meat based dishes.

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This theory on food wine has largely gone out of the window. The first step that you should remember in food wine selections is that any wine that you will want to drink by itself, will for the most part will work well with all foods. The next step that you need to take into account is that you should always pick an excellent tasting wine for your venture into food wine tasting.

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Once you have selected the wine you should take into account that the various flavoring in both the food and the wine, as they will give you a different taste each time that you have these food wine combinations. For this reason you should try matching a light tasting wine like Pinot Grigio, or off dry Riesling or even a Muscadet with light meals. This will help to enhance the flavor of the food without drowning the taste.

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For rich and heavy meals you should try food wine combinations like a great tasting Bordeaux, Gewürztraminer, and Merlot. These food wine combinations are both in the red wines and the white wines categories. As these are just a few ideas you should see what other food wine combinations you can come up with. You may be pleasantly surprised by the various tastes that bombard your every mouthful of food and wine.




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