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Hershey Park


Many of us have eaten Hershey chocolates and enjoyed their great taste. There are others of us who have gone on rides in Hershey Park itself. This fabulous park is filled with rides of all sorts for the entire family. You will find many different types of roller coasters, carousals and many other rides.


Hershey Park is located in Hershey, Pennsylvania on 110 acres of beautiful grounds. There are roughly 60 types of rides located in the park. When you visit Hershey Park you have the chance of also entering ZOOAMERICA free of charge. Besides Hershey Park and ZOOAMERICA you can go to Hershey’s Chocolate World.


This visitors’ center has restaurants, gift shops and a special ride that is completely chocolate based. In addition to these attractions there are so many other things that you can do while you are in Hershey Park. There are 10 different types of roller coasters in the park. You can ride on the Sidewinder, the Wildcat and Vekoma among other roller coaster rides.


There is a 65 foot spinning pendulum ride that is called the Claw. This is one of those rides that are designed to bring your blood rushing to your head as swing from side to side. You can find Ferris Wheesl and a Dip ride at Hershey Park. These were added to the park’s list of impressive rides in 1997.


Like many other theme and amusement parks Hershey park has lots of classical favorites like water rides and kids rides. There is also a one price admission which lets you ride all of the rides in the park without having to worry about paying an admission fee for the ride of your choice. By the way did you know that Hershey park is planning on bringing their water rides up to about 10?


Now when you visit Hershey park you may think that this park was open to the public from the very beginning of its history. This is not true. Hershey Park was created so that the employees at Hershey could enjoy themselves here on their days off. It was only later on that the park was opened for the public.


As you see while there are many things about Hershey Park that is similar to the other theme and amusement parks you can visit a zoo and experience a chocolate based ride in a world where chocolate is the main theme. With all of these attractions you may decide to keep coming back here year after year.




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