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There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is very true but to get this thousand word picture you need really high quality cameras or digital cameras. While many of us take for granted the presence of digital cameras and the many marvelous things that they can do we have forgotten the history of digital photography.



This history of digital photography is not that long but the events that took place have changed the way that we take our photographs.


In 1969 October 17th George Smith and Willard Boyle invented the charge coupled device or the CCD as we know it. This device was originally made for use in computers as a semi-conductor memory. These inventors of the CCD were also thinking about ways to incorporate their device into video phones. USA, LLC

With all of their plans and sketches finalized Smith and Boyle finally built the CCD into the world’s first CCD camera. This changed the history of digital photography altogether.


The camera that was built by them was a solid state video camera. During 1975 the CCD camera with its image sharp pictures was shown on television for the first time. The image that was shown was clear enough to be seen by the viewers of television.


In the history of digital photography the first prototype of the digital camera was created by Sony in1981. This digital camera was called Mavica which meant Magnetic Video Camera. The Sony Mavica was essentially a video camera that was used to capture video freeze-frames.


In 1986 Kodak scientists invented the first megapixel senor. This senor was capable of recording 1.4 million pixels. These were capable of producing a 5 x 7 inch digital photo quality print. In 1987 Kodak released 7 products that had the ability to manipulate digital images.


In 1991 Kodak in partnership with Nikon, released the Nikon F-3 camera. This camera was equipped with a 1.3 megapixel sensor by Kodak. This shows how the history of digital photography merged scientific know-how to produce a digital camera. 

At about this same time Logitech produced and released their Dycam model with black and white images. Apple produced a digital camera that could transfer images to the computer from the camera.

This is the short version of the history of digital photography. Today 30 years after the first digital camera was produced and released digital photography has changed our lives. The next time that you buy a digital camera you might want to see what other information you can find out about the history of digital photography.

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