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Wine Tasting Identity

 Many of you have gone to a place where wine is served and you have no idea of the type of wine that is being served.

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There are still other times when you have been to a function and you have just drunk a great event tasting wine without knowing its name. This can be a bother especially if you like the taste of good event tasting wines.

While this fact may continue to trouble you, there are ways to get over this situation. For instance you will most definitely have noticed the color of the event tasting wine. Since most wines are red or white knowing the color can eliminate a lot of the guesswork. When you have selected the color of your new wine the next part is to identify the taste. It is probably at this point that you are saying, how can I say what it tastes like?


There is no need to panic at this question. What you need to do is to know if the wine tasted sweet or dry. Depending on this answer your event tasting wine range has become smaller. Since the sweet wines can be sugary sweet or just simply sweet you should be able to say if your event tasting wine had this type of sweet taste or did it leave your mouth feeling dry.

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When you have made the choice for this part of the form tasting wine you can further narrow your search field. This is simply by remembering the time that you had the wine and how it looked. You can say if the wine had a bubbly type of taste or was it very sweet and complemented your dessert. These traits indicate if you had a sparkling wine – hence the bubbly appearance and taste – or a dessert wine as most times this wine will have been given just as you were being served your dessert.

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All of this information will help you to see the wines that you can try. There should be one from among this entire selection of wines that match your event tasting wine and you will not have to search through hundreds of wines. The color, the taste and the time that you had the wine will let you see the choices that are left in certain wine types. Hopefully at the end of this event tasting wine selection process you will be able to decide which wine you should see about tasting first.

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This could be the only way that you can identify that great wine that you were privileged to drink at the wine tasting you went to. You can also hope that sometime in the near future you can ask your host what the various event wines were that they served that day. This is perhaps the better option or you can just leave it in the hands of fate and drink your way through the many event tasting wine selections that come your way.




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