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There are many times when you have decided to revamp how your entertainment room will look like. The main reason for doing this is because you want to have a home theater. So instead of revamping the entire room and spending loads of money, you should see how you can achieve a low budget home theater installation.


The first item that you will need to see about in your home theater installation is that of space to keep your big screen TV. Move any unwanted furniture out of the room that you have chosen as your home theater. Place the TV in the position that you will be most comfortable watching.



You must make sure that you have more than enough room at the back of the TV for the installation process of the various electrical items. Once your TV is in position you can then put the speakers in the places that will give you high quality movie surround sound. The next thing that you will have to figure out is fixing up the wiring to make the whole system work well without causing a neighborhood wide power blackout.


So the very first requirement that you will need to do is to find out what your full power load is. In other words can your power circuit take the entire load of normal house lighting, various electrical appliances working and your home theater system without crashing? Once you have this answer dealt with safely you can decide what component of your home theater installation will be tackled next.



Many times people design their home theaters without thinking about the light that can be seen entering the room from the windows. This unwanted light can be a distraction during the movie and in many cases cause a glare on the screen where you won’t be able to see the movie at all.


Now the best way to see the whole movie picture without any foreground light is to see where you have windows in your home theater room. To keep out the excess light during your movie time you can put heavy drapes or shades on the windows. This will eliminate your light distortion during the times that you are watching a movie.

There is only one item that needs to be seen to during the final phases of your home theater installation. This is the placement of lights. With the proper lighting in your home theater you can add various dimensions of entertainment to the movie experience. Remember that the best home theater can be ruined if you don’t get the right ambience of movie watching.





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