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Kings Island Amusement Park


Paramount has a fantastic amusement park where the whole family can enjoy a thrill a minute day. This great place is Kings Island Amusement Park in Ohio. Here you can find many different rides that will just get your blood racing. There are family rides, kids rides, water rides and loads of other fun things to do.


For instance your children can run wild in Nickelodeon Universe. There are different 18 different rides and attractions that your kids and you will love. For those of you who crave blood tingling rides you can check out the various thrill rides like the Beast. This wooden roller coaster is one of the longest wooden roller coaster rides that you can find in the world.


The Son of Beast is another action packed roller coaster. This roller coaster ride will have you twisting, turning and looping on the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster that you can find. You can also feel your heart pounding as you enter the Drop Zone. This ride is the world’s tallest Gyro drop.


Now if you would like to enjoy a peaceful time in the water Kings Island Amusement park has just the place for you. You can go down under in Boomerang bay. This water park has many different places that you can relax in. In addition to the amenities that you can enjoy here in Boomerang Bay you can catch live shows at various places in the park.


There are many characters that you can take photographs with or even hug. There is also a stunning display of fireworks that is shown at night when the park stays open until 10pm. This time period is usually during the summer season of June to August.


Now for the adventure minded person in your family Kings Island Amusement Park offers a world of daring adventure. There are some family rides where you can go on extreme water rides, go flying through the air adventures or just brave raging waters. The thrills never end.


The other types of fun that you can experience but these must be felt in person. So when the Paramount Kings Island Amusement Park opens for the next year’s season you should be there. There are always new rides and attractions being added for the benefit of the park visitors. Remember that you will never know the rest of the tale until you come to Kings Island Amusement Park yourself.


This is the only way that you can find out just how much fun you can have at this great place. So make some free time in your calendar and visit the park as soon as you can. King Island Amusement Park is waiting for you.




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