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We all love having floors that look beautiful and expensive even when they aren’t. One type of flooring material that can give us this rich look is that of laminate flooring. You will find that the laminate floors of today are created in various types of finishes. In addition to these finishes laminate floors are very durable and quick to install in your home.


The process for installing laminate floors is a simple procedure that involves snapping tongue and groove flooring together without having to use any glue. The result of not having to use glue is that you have flooring that is easy to assemble for just about anyone. In addition you will find that laminate floors are very secure and they have strong, tight joints across the entire width of the room because of the interlocking planks.



There are many different looks for laminate floors that you can find today. For instance you can buy laminate flooring that looks like stone. You can also buy laminate floors in many hardwood finishes. You will find that you can buy inexpensive walnut, beech, oak, or even cherry wood. These however are just the finishes that can be seen on the laminate floors.


There is another interesting feature that can now be seen on different varieties of laminate floors and that is you an get laminate flooring with textures of real wood, high gloss and rustic and worn material. Now even though laminate floors look like wood in many cases you need to remember that they are not made completely from natural wood.


The laminate floors are man made from fiberboard planks that have been covered with decorative laminate sheeting and a top layer of clear plastic that has been manufactured to be able to take all of the stresses of our day to day living.


As with all flooring material you will need to prepare the floor where you will be placing you new laminate flooring. Any old flooring material will need to be removed and the base floor will need to be cleaned. You will also have to see that the floor is one level. Any grooves and holes in the floor must be filled in before any other operation in the laying of your laminate floors occurs. You will also have to check that you base floor is not prone to dampness.

Once all of your pre-laying procedure is completed you can lay out the laminate flooring on top of your base floor. After the floor boards have had time to settle begin the interior decorating procedure to have your new room and laminate floors ready to receive your first guests.





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