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Movies are places that are filled with an atmosphere that says enjoy yourself. Here you can feel the ambience of the movie hall change as the theater lighting plays with some dramatic mood enhancing music. How can theater lighting change how you think and watch a movie? Well it all has to do with where the various lights are and the function that they play.



Having a light fall directly on the movie screen will let a hazy glare develop while the movie is being shown. This lighting matter will have the tendency to wash out the colors of the movie. The best type of lighting that you can install in your home theater should be of a diffusing nature. Therefore you should think about buying lighting fixtures that have three to four lights that can be turned away from the movie screen (and you) and be dimmed as and when you need them.



The other factor that works for theater lighting is to have different light colors set for mood enhancement. A soft incandescent light with an orange coloring to it will provide your home theater with a warm and inviting atmosphere before the movie begins. You can use a halogen and fluorescent light will give you the reflective lighting that is needed in many cases.



There are various other types of theater lighting that you can use to get different types of moods. There are times when you will need to have a bright lighting in place for the hours when your home theater is being used for other purposes. At these times you can use the dimmer switch to bring all of the lights to full power.


Now if you have a rear wall projector you will need to think about the best type of theater lighting that you can fix near the projector. There are experts who recommend that you use a bias light that is placed behind the projector. This way not only will you get a constant source of light where it is needed but the strain to your eyes will be reduced also.


As there are so many different types of lighting systems that you can use you may want to ask the various sales personal at lighting stores what they recommend for home theaters. With their advice you can select the type of theater lightning that will not only provide your room with a good light source but also bring the atmosphere of the movie alive.

So the next time that you go to the movies take the time to appreciate the theater lighting in the hall that creates the various moods that the audience experiences. From this experience you can re-create this atmosphere in your home theater as well.





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