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Flowers are one of the great beauties that you can find in nature. As there different varieties it is quite possible for you to have a personal favorite. This preference can be based on the scent of the flower or it can be the color. You may even like the flower because it brightens up your room. The lilly flower is one type of flower that holds an appeal for many people.



The lilly flower is not confined to one particular look as with roses. You can find the lilly flower in different colors, shapes and even sizes. For instance you are probably familiar with the common garden lilly flower – that is the Lilly of the Valley – or as it is called in French, Muguet. This tiny lilly flower is seen in the early spring months. The delicate white flower clusters give off a sweet scent that fills the air.



This lilly flower is used for perfumes as well because so many women seem to adore having some lilly scent on them. The other types of lilies that you can find include the Calla lily, which is said to be a very fragrant flower.


This lilly flower has a golden yellow center to its petals and the outside of the petals which curve around the stamen of the flower is a royal purple color. This lilly flower would look very beautiful in your garden. Besides ground growing lilly flowering plants there are different varieties that grow in water.


These water lilly flowers are well known in many cases. You have heard of the white water lilly flower. This lilly flower grows in mud filled lakes where the current is not that fierce. The lotus flower that many of us have heard of is also a lilly flower. This water lilly has different shades that you can buy and plant in your garden.


The lotus water lilly flower is usually a pale pink in color. You can however find this water lilly in a soft butter yellow and a snow white color as well. The scent from these lillies is very mild yet you will still feel the scent wrapping its way around you. The water lilly flower also comes in a magnificent blue color.


Other than using lilies in perfumes and table décor, there is one other use that a lilly flower can be seen to have. This is in various funeral flower arrangements. Since the lilly flower is symbolically linked with death you will see different varieties being used for this purpose.


Regardless of the many different uses for the lilly flower you will find some beautiful flowers like the tiger lilies in their varying shades to have in your garden or even your home pond. These elegant and fragrant flowers are wonderful additions to any garden.






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