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Many of us love the look and feel of wood houses. For others owning a home that is built from wood or logs is dream. While the cost of building your home from full logs may be very expensive, there is an alternative in log siding. This type of siding can be found in many homes and there are very few people who can tell the difference between the siding and full cut logs.



There are a number of companies who specialize in making log siding for residential purposes. These companies use real logs that have been cut to form the log siding that is needed for the purpose of giving homes a cheaper alternative to a full log cabin.


To allow homeowners the ability to have a well constructed log cabin look to their homes the log siding has been cut to certain lengths for ease of assembly. The process that makes the full logs into log siding allows you to select log siding that has been treated with a wood preservative to help the log siding retain its true color. The wood preservative prevents the siding from warping due to water and thermal expansion.


Since the log siding can be attached to your existing frame it is known to be cheaper than building a log cabin from scratch. The log siding in general can be fitted on your home with the use of nails. The patterns that are found in the wood allows the nails to become hidden.



With the log siding you will have a choice of different sidings that looks like the ending of full uncut logs. There are also log sidings that will show the half log look. These different types of log siding can be fixed on your home in a tongue and groove pattern. There are other ways that you can attach the log siding to your home.


Besides buying log siding separately you can also buy log siding that comes in full kit form. These kits will allow you to build your home as a log cabin either from scratch or you can place the log siding around the outside of your home. You can customize these log sidings so that you will have a unique home of your own that completely resembles authentic log cabins.

So the next time that you are thinking of re-siding your home you may want to see how log siding can help you to get the log cabin that you have been yearning for. The best thing about log siding is that you will be able to have a warm home by the time your new “log” covered home is ready for you to move in.





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