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Male Yeast Infection Symptoms


Although male yeast infection isn’t all that common it can happen and in these cases the male yeast infection symptoms are generally the same as vaginal yeast infection symptoms.


There’ll be the same burning sensation when urinating, pain during sexual intercourse, itching of the infected area and in some cases a rash. This rash can either be along the shaft of the penis or on the tip of the penis. Male yeast infection symptoms also include a burning sensation of the infected area, a slight swelling, and maybe even slight discharge.


If you suspect that you might have male yeast infection symptoms you should consult with your doctor. You could try to use the same over the counter medications which are available for vaginal yeast infections, but you might feel comfortable doing that.


There is nothing to say however that you can’t use any of the creams or solutions which are used in the treatment of vaginal yeast infections. In fact, in the case of someone having male yeast infection symptoms they can even turn to such natural remedies as yogurt to help rid themselves of the infection.


The only problem with male yeast infection symptoms is that unlike for vaginal yeast infections there is no one particular treatment that is designed to treat you. There is also for that matter no one particular test that can be done on a regular basis if you have male yeast infection symptoms to decide whether you might have a yeast infection.


There’s also the fact you should take into account, that just because you suffer from male yeast infection symptoms, it doesn’t mean that you have a yeast infection. You can get yourself tested to rule out other causes, and doctors can test you to see if you have a yeast infection.


If you suspect that you might have male yeast infection symptoms you should try as far as possible to avoid sexual intercourse as you can pass the infection along to your partner. On the other hand if you got your infection from your partner, then it’s still a good idea to abstain as you could pass the infection back and forth between you.


Also if you have male yeast infection symptoms there are things that you can do by yourself at home to give you some relief until the medications start to work. The first order of the day is to wear loose fitting clothing.


That means that tight jeans are out. If you go swimming, find a way to change out of your bathing costume as soon as possible. Change your diet to exclude red meats, alcohol, and yeast containing or fermented products.


Try as far as possible to stay stress free as being under constant stress can put a strain on your immune system. And lastly if you feel that you have male yeast infection symptoms don’t be ashamed to seek help.

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