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There are a variety of sidings that you can use to protect the exterior of your homes and in some cases these sidings can look very attractive. From the different types of siding that you can install, Masonite siding is another type of siding that will look good on your house walls. While Masonite can look good it needs to be installed by a professional who has many years of experience in installing this type of siding.



The Masonite siding is made from wood, wax and resins. Masonite siding is a brand name of hardboard siding. The various companies that manufacture Masonite siding use a special process to create the Masonite. This process consolidates the Masonite by interfelting the wood fibers under high pressure and heat.


While the Masonite is in many ways different from wood, it has been designed so that it imitates the look and texture of wood. This siding comes in lots of different colors and textures. The Masonite siding is available in laps and panels. These panels and lap siding pieces are equal in strength on all sides of the siding.



For installation purposes you will find that the Masonite siding is available in varying thicknesses. These thickness values range from 7/16th inches to about 1/2 an inch thick. While the thickness of the Masonite is roughly the same for both the panels and the laps you will see these parts of Masonite siding are sold in different lengths.


For the ease of use the lap siding that is available for Masonite siding can be bought in 16 feet lengths. The panels on the other hand can be found as 4 feet wide and 9 feet long. These various panels and laps from Masonite siding has four different types of finishes.


The finishes are primed, pre-painted, pre-stained and pre-finished. While you can select the types of color that you want this Masonite siding to have you will need to use acrylic paint and exterior latex paint to give your Masonite siding a wood type of look and finish.


To ensure that your Masonite siding still looks fresh even after some time you will need to re-paint your home every 5 to 6 years. Unfortunately Masonite siding is susceptible to various problems like insect attacks, rot, fire, and peeling. Therefore if you are going to install Masonite siding you will need to think about these various factors.

As with most siding products, you should be able to choose the Masonite siding that you want for your home. To enjoy the best results of your Masonite siding you should ask a reputed siding professional to install your selected and primed Masonite siding.





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