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Oil Found In The Gulf

"For I will take the very oil that has been hidden, says the Lord, oil that has not been known to be there to mankind. It shall come forth, it shall come forth from new wells. New wells shall spring up," says the Lord...

Those that have said there is no more, there is no more - we have exhausted all the product. We have exhausted all of the resources that are in the ground. But God says, "Shall I surprise you once again? Shall I surprise you Texas? Shall I surprise you Oklahoma? Shall I surprise you? Shall I go up north and surprise you when you did not expect it, says the Lord? But I shall bring it from the Gulf, from the Gulf, and you shall be surprised, for there are wells that have not been dug up that will bring oil, says the Lord, and you shall have prosperity." (February 11, 2003)

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