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I want to share with you about one of our current pets, our beloved sweet and loving Papillon, Pierre, “the Champion of Champions!"


Papillons originated in France, and later became prominent in Italy and Belguim. The Papillon is a very old breed that dates back to the fourteenth century where they were know as the Continental Toy Spaniel.

The CTS had typical Spaniel ears, (hanging down on the sides of their head). Today the drop eared Papillon is known as the Phalene (meaning night moth). Papillons appeared in the United States close to the 19th Century where the erect eared became more common and known to some as the “butterfly eared dog.” 

Papillons were first registered by the AKC in 1915.
AKC Group: Toy Group
Class: Toy
Registries: AKC, ANKC, CKC, FCI (Group 9), KC,(GB), UKCFrom pale lemon and white to rich shades of red, chestnut, deep mahogany. Tris and black and white. Other Known Names: Epagneul Nain (Phalene is also known as Continental Toy Spaniel)

Health Issues: Life Span: 13 - 16 years
Litter Size 2 - 4

Rapid Bath


Many Papillons are wonderful show dogs. They are small, fine boned dogs. The average show Papillon stands between 8-11" tall at the shoulder, and weighs 3-9 lbs. However pet Papillons may be smaller or larger than this show ideal size. Their size no way affects their temperament or value as a companion.

They are friendly and intelligent, and they like to please. Papillons make wonderful pets. Papillons are sweet loving dogs. They love their masters. They can often be very sassy as puppies but they will love you no matter what. When they get older they will settle down.

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This is a dog that thrives on human companionship, and as they are generally long-lived, they soon become an integral member of the family. Our little angel certainly has! They generally show great enthusiasm for children, cats, and other small dogs. However, no matter their small size, they are fearless and may challenge bigger dogs.  Pets like hamsters, birds and any small or young pets should be kept away from them as puppies or they well think it is a toy!!!


Because of their size, they are easily managed. Their soft, silky, glossy coats require little grooming but should be brushed often to prevent shedding. As they are not double coated, there is no big seasonal shed. Their ear fringe need regular attention. Papillons typically do not suffer from doggie odor; they need to be bathed only once every 2 to 3 weeks.

Papillons are usually very healthy. Some Papillons have been know to have problems with inadequate tear production, progressive retinal atrophy and patella's.


They adapt well to close quarters and country life. They are indoor dogs without substantial exercise requirements. Papillons enjoy the outdoors, and fancy themselves to be great hunters of birds, squirrels, even butterflies! Some are also mousers. They are great jumpers and are very agile. Our little Pierre delights in obstacle courses.

Most Papillons are outgoing happy dogs who love to meet people, sit in laps, and show lots of affection by giving wonderful, sweet kisses. They do not have a reputation for being high-strung, nervous or fearful. In fact our Papillon is amazingly brave. The Papillons’ keen hearing is amazing! They are excellent watch dogs.

Papillons are attractive, amusing, and merry companions, and with their keen intelligence and desire to please, they can be readily trained to household routines. Papillons are very graceful and quick. They are happy and alert. They are not shy or aggressive. A Papillon is a great little companion.

Papillons are good travel size and make excellent traveling companions. Do not feed before a long trip or they may get car sick. Water is O.K., but only on hot days.

Average price: $600-$1500 plus shipping and handling which is about $250-$500, depending upon the distance.

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