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I am sure that many of you have heard of parquet flooring. This is a very old form of flooring that consists of layers of wood that are interlocked with each other in a geometric formation. You can see many different types of parquet flooring that was used in earlier times. In addition to these patterns there were certain varieties of wood that was used in the construction of parquet flooring.


These wood materials usually included oak, lime, pine, walnut, maple and cherry. Sometimes the parquet floors would use mahogany and other hardwoods that came from tropical countries. The types of patterns that you will see in parquet flooring are square, lozenges and triangles. You can also use parquet flooring that is curved and angular shapes.


There are three types of parquet flooring that you will be able to think of installing. These are solid parquet flooring, laminate flooring and veneer parquet flooring. Now in solid parquet flooring the wood is completely made from real wood. You can usually find that is this solid flooring is about 1.5 cm or so thick. In addition you will be able to sand the parquet flooring over as many times as you need.


The next type of parquet flooring that we will look at is that of the laminate parquet flooring. In this type of parquet flooring you will find that a layer of faux wood is glued on the surface of plywood. To this flooring material a thin layer of clear protective material is applied. In parquet flooring this type of flooring is considered as being the cheapest type that you can buy.


There is also a drawback to using this type of parquet flooring. When this floor becomes chipped and damaged due to the low quality of the material you will have to replace the entire parquet flooring newly.


Now the final parquet flooring that we will take a look at is that of veneer parquet flooring. In the veneer parquet flooring you will see that there is a solid layer of wood that is placed on the surface of a cheaper type of wood like plywood. The solid wood layer that is on the surface is about 5 mm in thickness and it can be given a good sanding polish. This finish should not a heavy or hard type of sanding.


As you see parquet flooring is a very old form of flooring that is used in many different forms and ways. So the next time that you see some parquet flooring you should find out just how old the flooring is and admire the intricate work that has gone into creating this work of art.





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