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We usually look forward to relaxing after a hard day’s work. This relaxation can be accomplished in different ways from walking along the beach, reading a book by a roaring fire and drinking some wine or watching television. The problem with watching television nowadays is whether to watch on a plasma or LCD TV. This plasma vs LCD can be solved by simply looking at their features.



When you are looking into the question of plasma vs LCD televisions for better entertainment purposes there are a few criteria that you will need to look carefully. These criteria are screen size, price, accessories, viewing resolution. The functional issues of these TVs need to be seen also.


When you are trying to decide if you want plasma or an LCD television for good images you will need to think about the screen and resolution size first. The other important fact that you should look into is that of prices for plasma TVs.


This is necessary as plasma TVs are more expensive as opposed to LCD TVs which are generally less expensive. This is one aspect of buying either a plasma TV or an LCD TV that you will need to think about.


The other plasma vs LCD buying consideration that you will need to look into is that of the screen size that you want. In the screen size of both of these TVs you will find that a LCD screen can range from 13 inches to 46 inches.


This is set to change as there are bigger sized LCD’s about to come onto the market. For the plasma TV the screen size is from 32 inches to 60 inches. Here the difference between plasma and LCD TVs is not very marked, but if you want a larger sized television for true theater viewing then looking into purchasing a plasma TV is a good buy.


While the screen size question of plasma vs LCD viewing can be answered easily the other question of quality and screen resolution is one that is a personal preference. There are some people who prefer looking at bright colors for almost everything, and others who want their TV watching experience to mirror the atmosphere of their TV program.


For these people it is best to answer this plasma vs LCD question of quality, rich and dramatic colors as well as the clarity of the picture in electronic stores. At these places this question of quality in plasma or LCD televisions can be demonstrated better as they can compare how the pictures look when these two types of TV are working next to each other.

The next time that you are thinking about buying a TV and you’re unsure of which TV – plasma or LCD – to get, all that you need to do is consider the advantages and disadvantages. This will help clear the plasma vs LCD question for you extremely quickly.


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