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Have you ever gone to a dance recital and seen how beautiful everything on the stage looks.  One of the main components for making a dance recital look successful and fantastic is the fabulous dance recital costumes that are worn by the dancers.  These dance recital costumes are in many cases created just for that particular performance. 

As a result it is very rare for you to find that type of dress being duplicated in dance clothing stores.


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Now as performances for different dances takes on varying levels of complexity the dance recital costumes need to be made so that they will flow with the movements of the dancers.  Also you need to be assured that your costume will not come apart in the middle of the recital.  Not only is this very embarrassing for you but you will not be able to give the performance its stunning visual impact with your dance recital costume on the verge of destruction.


Therefore you will need to have the dress looked over thoroughly for any loose stitches, torn hemlines or small patches, missing embellishments, loose closures and in some very rare cases stains that are on the different dance recital costumes.  All of these costume problems should be dealt with as soon as possible, preferably before any major performance.


There are a few rules that should be observed with regards to dance recital costumes.  As these costumes have been made for an event or special dance program, it is vital that the costume looks as fresh as the very first day that it was brought in.  So you should have your hair fixed and set, any under clothes that need to be worn put on first and your make-up that you will be wearing for the performance should also be painted on beautifully.


Only when all of these items have been seen to should your dressing begin.  This way any possibility of stains, or crushed dance recital costumes will be lessened if not eliminated.  Now after your performance for the day has been given you should immediately hang your dance recital costume onto a padded hanger.  By taking these steps the dance recital costumes will be able to last for longer periods of time before you need to buy a new dress.  As with all items that are needed for dancing, dance recital costumes can help us to invite the audience into a magical world.   As the dancer it is your responsibility to make sure that your fabulous dance costume will have all of the beauty that is needed.


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