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Sauna Equipment


When we step into a sauna we begin to feel relaxed as the steam from the sauna envelops us and loosens the muscles in our body. To get the best results from the sauna you will need to have a well built sauna in your home or you can go to spas or exercise facilities where these saunas can be found. To make the sauna work well what are the various types of sauna equipment that you will need?


The sauna equipment that you will use for your sauna depends upon the type of sauna that you are using. There are some saunas that require a minimal amount of equipment. These are portable saunas. The portable sauna requires tap water to be poured into a heating unit. The heating unit needs an electrical outlet so that the heater will turn the water into a fine dry mist.


As you see there is a minimal amount of sauna equipment needed for the portable sauna. You mainly need a heater unit, some tap water and an electrical outlet. For a traditional sauna you will need hammers, drills, a saw and some sand paper to assist in the building of a sauna.

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Besides these types of sauna equipment you will also need a hot towel rack to have your sauna towels warm and toasty dry. To power the sauna’s heat conversion there are different types of generators that can provide that amount of power that will turn water into a high and very fine mist. These generators will be found in various sizes and types.


To make sure that the sauna stays hot at a constant amount and the temperature doesn’t rise very high other sauna equipment is needed. One of these is a sauna thermometer that is used in conjunction with the heat generators is needed. The heater unit can be placed outside of the sauna but the temperature controls need to stay in or near the entrance to the sauna.


With these types of sauna equipment you should be able to adjust the settings on the heater unit and the thermometer as well. This way you can control just how hot the air inside the sauna will become. The traditional style sauna uses a wood or gas stove as part of its sauna equipment to provide the power to the sauna.


There are high quality sauna rocks that need to be found so that the cooling mist that is needed in the sauna can be produced with the addition of a ladle of water. These items are just a few of the common sauna equipment that you can find. For other specialized sauna equipment you will need to consult with experts in the field of saunas.




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