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Sauna And Steam


A sauna is considered to be the ideal way to relax after a hard day at the office. Likewise many people will tell you that steam rooms are one of the best ways to relax. While both of these can be found in many exercise facilities and health spas you can also find many people using these sauna and steam rooms at home.


There are lots of companies that can supply you with the type of sauna or steam room to fit not only your budget but also your home space. These companies can show you the various models that are available in their sauna and steam inventory. You should also ask these companies about the various installation procedures that are required.


As so many people are interested in having their own sauna or steam room the various companies who manufacture these items have pre-cut saunas, fully constructed saunas and steam room, and even steam suites. There are other companies who can provide you with high quality portable saunas, steam cabinets and steam shower units too.


While both of these sauna and steam methods are great ways to relax and reap other health benefits there are differences that you need to be aware of. These differences are mainly the way a sauna functions and the way that a steam unit works.


The housing for both of these units needs material that can withstand high amounts of heat and moisture. The sauna and steam houses both need to be able to be cleaned properly of excess water and possible lime scale growth.


In the sauna you will find that Cedar wood is considered to be the best wood floor, walls and ceiling covering. The sauna works by the sauna rocks being heated to a super critical high level. At this stage there is a lot of hot, dry air circulating through the sauna. The people who are in the sauna will spoon some water over the hot rocks. As the water touches these rocks they will evaporate with a hiss.


The result is a fine, almost invisible mist that rises throughout the sauna room. This mist slightly cools the sauna room down and prevents it from becoming too hot. In the steam room the air is moist, humid yet at the same time hot.


The steam room produces lots of hot steam that is produced when the heating unit which is located outside of the steam room heats the water. When this water has turned into a thick mist it is directed into the steam room. Here the steam bathes the entire room with a hot mist.


The effects of both sauna and steam are the people inside develop a high amount of sweat. This sweating produces many healing benefits for the body. You may want to find more information about sauna and steam units and how they can change your life.




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