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One of the best things that many people have noted about watching movies at the cinemas is clear picture quality and a large picture. Now when you have a home theater you should see about the type of viewing size that you want. So how can you judge what are the good home theater screens?



There are many different thoughts about home theater screens but many people will agree on one thing. That is that for many people the size of their home theater screens is a personal preference. Therefore the first thing that you should do is to have an idea about the screen size that you want.



The best way that you can figure the type of home theater screens that are best for you is to see where you will place the screen and fix a white background on that wall. Make sure that you can see this background clearly even from the back of the room. One of the best items that you can use to get this effect is black masking tape. Next put a large picture with lots of colors and figures on the wall in the screen space.


Place a chair somewhere in the room. Now imagine that you are watching a movie. From a close distance look at the picture on the screen wall. Can you see the movie or are your eyes hurting from all of the colors and figures blurring? At the point of eye strain you will need to take your chair further back. Repeat this test until you have a comfortable viewing size.


Now repeat this same test again but with a smaller sized screen. This time start your test from the back of the room and see if you can see the “movie” very clearly. Should the various details be unclear or distant move the chair further forward. Repeat this procedure yet again. Now when you have finally found the point where the picture is clear see if your results are the same as the earlier experiment.


From this test you can determine that you will need to buy home theater screens that are in the middle range of size. This type of home theater screens will let all of the details come alive without causing eyestrain while the movie is going on.


Now that you have decided on the size of your home theater screen all that is left is to choose one of the many home theater screens that are available and fix this screen in your new entertainment center. Now sit back and enjoy the movie that is rolling out in front of you.





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