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Shaker Furniture

If you ask people whether they would like to have shaker furniture gracing their homes the answer you would get might be a resounding no! Not because they understand what shaker furniture is about, but because it might conjure up utilitarian images of sparse looking unattractive furniture, and who wants that dab smack in the middle of their living room!


However there is a side to shaker furniture that most people don't realize, and what they also don't realize is that they already probably have a piece of shaker furniture or shaker inspired furniture somewhere in their home. Most likely they have the piece somewhere in their living room in full view of everything.


The thing with shaker furniture though, is that although it might look utilitarian and sparse there's a certain elegant beauty to it that makes it look stunning. This might be the last word you associate with shaker furniture but there you have it. This becomes even more so true when you place these pieces next to other, richer and more rounded out of pieces of furnishing which you might already have in your homes.

   It shows the difference between the furniture styles but if you plan things right then the contrast will be a welcome one and not a jarring note in your house. Shaker furniture isn't for everyone of course. For someone who loves the plush feel of rich furniture beneath their hands, shaker furniture might be too sparse and undecorative. If you like having a country feel to your furniture of course then you might appreciate having shaker furniture in your home.


It's really a matter of taste. On the scale of craftsmanship you have nothing to worry about with quality shaker furniture. Every piece is generally of a lasting quality and many you'll find are hand made as well, giving it that human touch so lacking in some of the other modern pieces of furniture.


For this reason alone you should think about buying a piece or two of shaker furniture. These pieces of furniture will increase in value as time goes by. Not to mention how they may be able to withstand the test of fancy trend setting furniture which is of the here today gone tomorrow variety.

Shaker furniture is also a prime example what wood working can achieve if applied properly. You wouldn't need to do shaker furniture to show off what you can do as a wood worker, but if you do ever see a piece of shaker furniture made you can see why the quality is exquisite. The time and the care taken in crafting it is truly amazing, and that's what shows through in the end product.




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