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Sponge Painting


When you hear the words sponge painting what sort of wonderful images do they bring up for you? Is it of your small days when you were allowed free rein with the paints and the colors before your mother found out and stopped you from painting on the walls? Or do you get a sense of adventure and imagine sponge painting to be something fairly exotic? Well, if you're a painter or an interior designer of any sort you know that the truth is somewhere closer to the second guess than it is to the first one.


Although there is slight correlation between the two. Sponge painting is about painting on the walls but it's still not something that most people would let their kids near, for the simple reason that there is a reason to this madness. And with sponge painting the madness lies in the fact that when you use the sponge to paint your walls, you're aiming for a pattern of sorts to appear, even if it is only a random pattern. This means that handing the sponge over to your kids just isn't going to work.


So how do you go about sponge painting and is it really difficult? It's not really difficult and there are many ways to go about it. Like I said earlier what you're trying to achieve here is a certain look and how you achieve that also depends on what type of interior design pattern you had in mind and also on what type of sponge you use. For the rustic look you would use a certain set of colors and a certain sized sponge.


One way to go about sponge painting it to paint parts of the wall and slowly sponge the paint in either a circular pattern, a vertical or horizontal pattern, or even randomly to get the look you were aiming for. Sometimes this might take considerably more time than you bargained for and you might need to take a little bit more care as well, but don't worry it will all come out alright in the end.


Sponge painting the walls is fun and most of the times easy to do. The effect you get is also something quite different from the normal painting techniques and quite nice if done properly. Try it out one day and see how you fare.

But be careful if your kids see you doing this they might get the idea to have a go at sponge painting, then who knows how your walls let alone your house will turn out. So the best thing that you can do is to wait until you’re by yourself at home before you start your sponge painting masterpiece.





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