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There are many of you have watched television and sports in particular. As you watch these sports programs you will notice that the athletes are only one part of the sports team. To make sure that these individuals are performing to their ultimate level there are numerous other people. These are the trainers and supporters. There are doctors and other people who are all involved in seeing that the athlete has all of the mental, emotional and physical stability that is need for competitions. Sport psychology plays a part at these various sporting events.



Unlike other branches of psychology sports psychology deals with the way in which athletes handle the stresses of sports. The psychologists and coaches can work together to bring the athlete’s performance level up to competition status. The information that a coach provides will help the psychologist draw a picture of the mental and behavioral patterns that an athlete displays before an event.


With this information the coach can develop a training routine that will utilize all of the athlete’s performance abilities. Knowing the mind set of the athlete will allow the coach to know what boundaries to set up. Sports psychology is therefore an invaluable tool for coaches as it lets them bring out the best in the athletes and teams who are under their supervision.


To be able to help their charges negotiate the minefield that competition sports becomes it helps if the coach has an understanding about sports psychology. They don’t have to be experts in this field but they should have the ability to see the emotional state that competitions can bring on athletes. The best way to see how sports psychology works is to look at how the various athletes perform in various competitions that last for long periods of time.


In these cases it will become apparent that some athletes are holding up to the strain that being in a sports competition can bring. These individuals are performing to their peak and their endurance level, concentration has not been broken even though they have been performing for some time. These athletes have had the benefit of a coach who has an understanding of sports psychology and how it can help their athletes. The ones who seem to be having trouble concentrating and completing their goals are the ones who have not been given the help of sports psychology.

As with all areas of psychology, sports psychology deals with people who are constantly involved with the participating aspect of sports. Therefore to help athletes gain the best possible advantage in their particular areas of sports it is best if there is someone who can help them by knowing just a little bit of sports psychology.


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