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As you know there are different ways of dancing. To help with all of the fancy foot work that needs to be done you will find that many people use different types of shoes.

Now while some of these dance shoes can be used for similar types of dancing, you will soon discover that the Swing dance shoes are somewhat different.


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This is mainly because unlike the other types of dancing Swing dancing is very athletic and you use lots of hopping, jumping and aerial movements to give this dance its name. Now when you first start Swing dancing you should avoid buying shoes that are made for ballroom dancing as these shoes will not support your feet during the many turns and twists that are provided.

The other type of shoes that you will need to avoid buying and wearing is that of jazz shoes. These shoes are flexible and they have a good sole that is made from suede, but they will give you the same problem that wearing ballroom shoes can. This is the lack of lateral and arch support for your feet.


Now getting the right type of swing dance shoes on the other hand will help you to perform all of the Swing dance steps with a minimum of pain to your legs. With a few accessories like insoles you can keep your feet comfortable for even a whole night of Swing dancing.

As there are quite a few different types of Swing dance shoes available you should see which ones are the most comfortable for you to wear. Remember that any Swing dance shoes that you are inspecting should provide comfort, a good sole for the various slides and support for your knees, ankles and your legs during the many hops and jumps that you will soon be doing.

There are a few different types of swing dance shoes that are very popular for swing dancing. These include the Bleyers swing dance shoes. These shoes are considered as being good for swing dancing as they are lightweight and have good shock absorption ability but you will need to see if they will give your feet the support that is required during swing dance steps.


One of the better known Swing dance shoes that you can find is that of Aris Allen. These shoes come in many different styles and colors. There are different variations for both men and women. Aris Allen swing dance shoes have soles that are made completely from leather (suede). This type of sole allows lots of sliding and turning on the dance floor.

The other types of swing dance shoes that you should look for are athletic shoes with chrome leather soles. These shoes will provide the comfort, support and sliding that is needed in Swing dance shoes. As you see for swing dancing you need lightweight shoes that will let you perform all of the vigorous dance steps that swing dancing is all about.  

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