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I have looked forward to this section of my website with great excitement and anticipation!  Even though I do also love Cancun, Mexico, my heart will forever be in my beloved homeland, Jewel of the Caribbean: Belize!   No matter how rugged the mountain, nor how deep the jungle, nor how many times I have wondered if I would end my life here on earth as 'shark bait,' nor the long miles that I must trod to get to my final destination, travelling, to me is the greatest "leisure" one can experience!

By the way, if you are planning on a trip to Belize, even perhaps retiring in Belize 'the' place to visit 'first' is the office of: Think Belize.  If you are looking for honest, trustworthy and dependable people to answer any question you may have about Belize get in contact with the hospitable staff at: Think Belize


Without question, international travel is my favorite! Though I may not be able to speak a word of the people's language in country I may be visiting, I delight in visiting a foreign country, travelling by whatever means to get to a very remote village just to experience how other people, other cultures live.

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If you have plans to go on a leisure golfing trip we up can help you in your travels.   Or if you plan to go sailing, we'll show you the most popular or even those secret places.


A United States cross country motor home trip is one that I'll never forget, traversing from one coast to the other via the northern route and travelling home via the southern route. Whether you desire to stay in popular travel trailer parks or in state camp grounds, we can help you find just the right spots for you.

Whether you choose to travel by air, road or train, you've come to the right place to make your trip the most enjoyable ever!

THANK YOU For Visiting My Site! "CiCi"


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