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We, as individuals, are created with a natural need to "trust."  As infants we naturally "trust," depending upon someone else to feed us, care for us, meeting all of our needs.  As we grow and develop we direct that trust to someone else, sometimes to another person, to ourselves or perhaps to a governmental body.  However, the "wise" person will learn to depend upon and trust the one that knows them best: his/her Creator.

Holy Writ provides an incredible example of "trust" in the life of Abraham."Now the Lord said to Abram, 'Go forth from your country, and from your relatives and from your father's house, to the land which I will show you." (Gen.12:1) Abraham had a choice.  He could "obey" and "trust," or he could have chosen to simply ignore and live his life as he pleased.  Though he was far from "perfect" he chose to "trust." In his journey of "trusting," in his "human-ness" he made many mistakes and had many moments of doubt.  However, through it all, God blessed him and used him.


Oft time, in fact, the majority of time, "trust" does not come with a blueprint set before us.  No details about what lies before us.  Often we do not know our final destination!  We haven't a clue as to how long our journey will take! Nor do we know the challenges that lay ahead.  We, like Abraham, are called to simply "trust!"

As in the life of Abraham, so it is in ours: there is no "looking back." Trusting is a life of dedication.
And, it is only in this dedication that one will ultimately reach their destination.  As it was in Abraham's life, so it is in ours, if we are to live fulfilled lives, we must individually realize that we did not create ourselves and (that) our Creator has a special plan, purpose and destiny for us.  God is no respector of persons.  What He has promised for one, He promises for all who make the decision to obey Him and willingly choose to trust Him with our lives.  As it was in the life of Abraham, we can depend upon the promises given by God to direct, protect and provide for all of our needs as we embark upon our Journey of Trust.





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