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Twin Territory

"There are four regions in the United States of America where cleansing will take place,' says the Lord. 'There are four regions in this Nation,' The Spirit of God said. One shall be a Twin Territory. ... 'But listen, the elements are crying out and reacting to a Heaven that is opened over this Nation." (September 2, 2005)

After Hurricane Wilma passed through Florida we received a link from a News website stating that many saw a "2" form in the eye of the Hurricane just before it made landfall in Florida. Click here to Read the Article!  You can even watch the video of the doppler radar on the website.

Although this strange sighting alone is of course not enough to validate any prophecy, it becomes more interesting considering the next fact we found in recent research.

According to, Miami and Fort Lauderdale are in fact TWINS! It is the region where the Eye of Hurricane Wilma passed over Florida. Click Here For More

For more Information about Twin Cities Click Here
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