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Wizard Magazine


There are many ways to find the price of your comic book collection but the best way is considered to be with a comic book price guide. These various comic book price guides can be found in book stores and in your comic book shop. In addition you can find the electronic forms of price guides like Wizard magazine on the internet.


As you look for information on the Wizard magazine you will discover that this magazine is part of Wizard Entertainment. This price guide is printed every month and it is devoted to the various aspects of comics. The Wizard magazine covers the various series like Marvel Comics, DC comics, the various Anime and Manga series.


Besides informing you of the various prices you can expect to get for valuable comics and the many current comic book issues, Wizard magazine also has news about the different happenings in the world of comics.


These occurrences can include information about possible new movie releases of various comics. In addition to the price guide, comic book series information and movie news you can also find interviews and previews of the new comic book turned movies.


The Wizard magazine was created by Gareb Shamus in 1991. The magazine was originally created to be a newsletter that depicted the various hot items in Gareb Shamus’s parents’ comic book store. When the Wizard magazine reached its 7th issues the newsletter turned into the glossy magazine that we are all acquainted with today.


In the Wizard magazine you will be able to find a top ten list that gives some information about writers and artists of different popular comic series. In addition to providing you with the information about different magazines and the price guide for valuable and rare comics, the Wizard magazine is an interesting magazine to see just for the various items that you can find each month.


There are other similar magazines that have taken Wizard magazine as their role model and these are as popular as they give consumers the information that they want. When you are looking for a reliable comic book price guide to buy the name of Wizard magazine is in the forefront of this trade. It is closely followed by Overstreet which is another price guide.


Unlike other price guides Wizard magazine has not confined itself to only the price aspect of comics. This interesting magazine also details the various news and information that comic book fans look for when they make a decision to buy this magazine.

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