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As a great many of us are aware the exterior walls of our homes need some type of protection. This protection is usually in the form of cladding or siding. As we are choosing the type of protection that we desire, we will see the benefits and the disadvantages that are found in these products. Wood siding is in many ways a good product to use for the outside of our homes.


In wood siding you will find different types of siding being used for homes. Some homes will use log siding. Other homes will use Cedar wood siding and sometimes you will find homes that are using a faux wood siding. These different types of wood siding are all good to attach to our homes but they should be fixed properly.


In most cases this attachment process can be done by professional siding experts. These individuals will have many years of experience in the different forms of wood siding. Cedar wood siding can use Western Red Cedar as well. The Cedar wood siding has different types of attachment processes. Each of these techniques will yield a different look to the exterior of the house.


As an example you can use lap siding. This siding will produce a rustic look of a log cabin to your home. The tongue and groove technique that is used with wood siding can be fixed horizontally, vertically and even diagonally. Depending on the way that you have attached these wood siding pieces the walls of your home will look different and unique.


While these types of wood siding can be considered as being attractive some of us want our homes to look like log cabins. While the lap siding in Cedar wood siding can give your home a rustic look the real look of a log cabin can be achieved with full uncut logs or log siding.


These types of wood sidings are a cheaper alternative for homeowners who prefer to have their home covered in logs without the high cost that full logs are known to have. The other added benefit of log wood siding is that you only need nails and a hammer to attach this wood siding to your house frame.


When you use log siding to cover your home on top of other siding material you will get an added layer of insulation for your home. Since wood is known to be a natural insulator of heat and energy using wood siding like that of log siding will significantly lower your heat costs.

To find the various advantages that wood siding has you can see what the sales representatives will tell you about their wood siding products. From this information you can decide on the types of wood siding that will give your home the attractive look that you have always desired.





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