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Every human being likes to interact with other people whether it is on a constant basis or from time to time. There are occasions where you can find people living in different communities. Each of these communities can play a different role in the lives of the people who are a part of such an environment. This too depends on the depth of your involvement in these communities.


Now when we are talking about communities we are not talking only about a collection of homes where people live together. We are also talking about the broader sense of the word. For instance you can have a community of scientists who are trying to find a way to cure many of the dangerous and seemingly incurable diseases that are running rampant in the world.


You also have communities of senior citizens who live together in complexes where they can socialize with each other. This type of interaction fosters a sense of belonging and makes you feel that you are not isolated and alone. In addition to these types of communities you will find that there are others.


Some of these communities come together because of their shared interests. Like different people who are at a gathering where they are interested in the habits of insects or there are people who love to garden who for various reasons have decide to get together and discuss their interests.


Now you will also find that some people get together and organize various events so that other people can find out about the activities of the different communities in their neighborhood. In many instances these small gatherings of people can be ethnic communities where everyone seems to know each other because of their shared cultural background.


Regardless of the origins of communities you will find that there is always room for one more person. This is because at heart humans are society loving animals and we therefore look for others of our kind. Now when you enter any of these communities you will have to adhere to some basic laws that govern these mini communities otherwise you will soon find that you are getting into trouble.


Many people can tell you what communities mean in the social context of our lives but the underlying reason is always the same. We need to belong so we will always form a circle of like minded individuals. Therefore the next time that you go out into society you should look at the many different types of communities that you can see everywhere in our world.

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